Here I am hacking away at my Commodore 64. It would take 4 of these machines to store this very webpage.
The Army provided me with my first experience as an analyst.
Here I am speaking at the SXSW "Web Standards and SEO" panel.
Check out my interview in "Online Marketing Heroes" authored by Michael Miller and published by Wiley Publishing.

About Ed Shull

I was born in Chicago, but spent most of my childhood in Irvine, CA. My interest in technology and computers began at a very early age. Like many people my age, the first computer I used was an Apple II in school, and that’s where the love affair began. It was 1983 when I finally got my first computer. It was a Commodore 64, which was hooked up to an old faux wood-grain television and saved data to a cassette tape.

I attended Woodbridge High School, and in the summer of my Freshman year I decided to attend a couple summer classes at Irvine Valley College. As it ended up, I liked college much better than high school and so I worked hard to graduate at 15 and began attending Cal State Fullerton. I put myself through school by working retail at Disneyland.

When I began college I was torn between my love of technology and a budding interest in law (Atticus Finch had a huge impact on me). But it was 1987 and a movie called Wall Street convinced me that business, if not finance directly, was where I wanted to be.

I found a real interest in marketing and began to focus on that area until at 17 I decided that the Army would help me pay for college, as well as bring a little travel and excitement into my life. I worked initially in tactical telecommunications, and ended up as an analyst.

After the Army I spent more time in school and in 1994 started working in the Bank Card Services division of Chase Bank. It was there that I started working with technology on a new level. I sat on the TQM team in charge of implementing a new “Customer Relationship Management” system that would allow us to leverage technology to market to our customers in a whole new way. It was this experience that started my move towards interactive marketing. My renewed interest in technology lead me back to school for graduate work, this time studying Computer Science at Harvard University.

In 1998 I took a position with an ecommerce start up and made the move to Silicon Valley. It was fast paced. My first employer was acquired by Walmart. My second employer was unable to secure a second round of funding and my third was acquired by Kaplan. It was around this time I took a Senior Analyst position at Morgan Stanley.

In 2002 I decided to start my own consulting firm that would utilize the marketing skills I had developed over the years. As it turned out, consulting was a real passion for me. Part technology, part business and part analyst; it blended many of the disciplines I enjoyed. A year later I acquired USWeb, and over the past decade have had the opportunity to do some very innovative work with the world's biggest brands.

My time is split between my home in Las Vegas and a small place on the beach in Baja. I have a terrific son who studies communications at UNLV. I love film festivals, live music and travel. I’m also a gadget junkie.

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Mike Smith
Online President, Forbes

USWeb has been our agency of record for about 7 or 8 years … when I think of USWeb I think of ideas, I think of innovation, and I think of responsiveness.

Kris Lien
Marketing Manager, Capella University

I would say over the course of the last 5 years USWeb has generated hundreds if not thousands of potential clients through their efforts of promoting our law firm online. I've been very, very pleased with the actions that they've taken for us and with the ideas that they have come up with …

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I worked with many SEO vendors, and USWeb was the only one with real knowledge, solid results and ZERO attitude. I will always consider them for the pointy end of my marketing knife.

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